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2016年, Paducah市长授予廖碧兰公爵夫人奖,感谢她为Paducah市作出的贡献.

画作曾在很多美术馆展出,电视和报纸曾报道她的成就. 2016年从Paducah艺术设计学院, 肯塔基州
退休, 定居亚特兰大, 建立廖碧兰画室.

Liao Bilan, an artist living in Atlanta, who was born in the fifties in China, through the suffering of her
childhood, after the turbulent youth years; she worked as welder, graphic design and fashion design etc.,
at her age thirty she went college studied art, since she began her art journey. At her middle age, she
immigrated to the United States unknowing the English. During the years she live in US she received her
two master's degrees in painting, an art  professor at a college in Kentucky. But her America dream
journey was not easy as well as she experienced hardships and ups and downs. Final she received
extraordinary artistic achievements in America. In 2016, Paducah Mayor awarded the Duchess of Liao
Bilan for her contribution to the Paducah City.  Her paintings were exhibited at many at museums and art
galleries, and interviewed by many of  television and newspapers on her achievements. 2016 she early
retired  from Paducah School of Art and Design, Kentucky to concentrated on her art. She sold her
gallery at the year  in Paducah and settled in Atlanta and  establishment of Liao Bilan studio.
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