BILAN LIAO (廖碧籣畫舘) Artist / Author/ Educator / Speaker   
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Book of the Diary of the Dragon's Daughter Available at the or
BiLan Liao was a special guest speaker at the Honoring
Champions of Community Service & Humanitarian Celebration
Friday, May 11, 2018 at the
Government Contractors Association

The Atlanta Symphony, composer Juan R. Ramírez has written a
new score inspired by BiLan’s paintings and book,
Diary of the
Dragon’s was
playing during her presentation.

YouTube: Honoring Champions of Community Service & Humanitarian
Celebration and BiLan Liao's presentation.

YouTube: BiLan received the Global International Alliance Advocates for
National Community Service award.

- Organized  by Dr. Lenora Peterson - Maclin, she is presently the official CNAC Certified
Ambassador for Corporation for National Volunteer Community Service of People Choice Awards.

Video by Ken Scroggs LCSW, LPC, LMFT, CEAP, DCC
President/CEO, International Society of Psychotherapeutic Arts

Photography by Ken and Wendy
Ken Scroggs (left), Dr. Lenora Peterson, BiLan and Juan Ramirez
Ken Scroggs (left), GA Senator Tonya Anderson, BiLan and Juan Ramirez
BiLan, Deborah (middle) and Lenora
Cynthia (left), Lenora, BiLan, Juan and Ken
Ken (left), BiLan, Dwayne and Juan
Wendy and Bilan
Elizabeth and BiLan
janice and BiLan