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“Short at Noon, Long at Eve,”
An exhibition of paintings and drawings by Sherry Stone
from November 16 to December 7, 2013

Sherry Stone is a Senior Lecturer at Indiana University’s Herron School of Art
and Design in Indianapolis, where she has been an award-winning instructor
for 25 years and a member of the Indiana University academy for teaching
excellence.  She has worked as gallery director and a regional arts writer, and
she is currently the co-author of instructional books about painting and
drawing that have been printed in four languages and have a worldwide
audience.  Her artwork has been exhibited throughout the Midwest and at
various locations on the east and west coasts, including gallery
representation in San Francisco, Chicago, and Indianapolis.

Footpaths at historical sites and well-used bike paths were sources of
inspiration for much of the work in this exhibition.  Patterns of light and shade
on the paths and in the landscape served as implements for meditative art
making that allowed the artist to reflect on the allegorical and historical
connections of paths with the general course of life.
Artist, Sherry Stone (right), Gallery Director, BiLan
Liao (left), and Paducah, Mayor, Gayle Kaler