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Bilan Liao is an artist
from China who
believes in the
American Dream and
Freedom of
expression. Her
paintings reflect her
life spanning 5
generations and a
tale that can warm
our hearts.

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Author of the Diary of the Dragon's Daughter Available at the or
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Author of the Diary of the Dragon's Daughter Available at the or
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Window into Chinese History " is a unique work that
explores a tumultuous time in China's history, and
BiLan's own resulting pursuit of the American dream.
She grew up in China during Mao Zedong's "New
China" era and, because her family was part of the
educated class, they had to endure extraordinary
humiliation, discrimination and imprisonment. They
lived their lives under constant oppression, and in
constant fear. She chronicled these events through
words and images in an attempt to reveal aspects of
Chinese culture that are not typically explored in
historical accounts, and to provide a view into one
artist's heart and her struggle to find freedom.
This suite of seven paintings represents two narratives. One  of the theme
derived from an ancient Chinese story relating to the Chi Bi Zhang War. In
this ancient time in China, Xiangyu, was a person of extraordinary power,
and his wife, Yuji, was one of the most beautiful women in the ancient
world. They loved each other, and they both were very talented poets,
singers, and musicians. The suite asks the question, "Will he return?"

Another painting is a true love story set in the present, about a woman's
longing for the return of her fiancé.
"Coming into Tibet" celebrates the Tibetan people by depicting their religion, spirit, their daily
lives, the rich colors and patterns of their clothing, and their architecture. The paintings are based

The Coming into Tibet series of paintings combines impressionistic color with realistic forms
distilled from observation. The realistic forms symbolize the hard lives of the Tibetan people, and
the impressionistic colors represent their religious spirit and rich culture. In this way, I combine
realism, impressionism and naturalism to show colorful and lifelike scenes.