Chinese Events
1/19/08 Ethnic Heritage Festival‏
Van Andel Museum Center
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Photography by BiLan Liao
Chinese Association of Western Michigan (CAWM):

CAWM congratulates all the event participants of CAWM for the wonderful work done at
the 1/19/08 Festival.

Our organization did a great job at the event; our booth was beautiful and drew great
crowds.  Our Fashion Show received loud applause, and our Chinese dance and Wushu
performers were most welcomed.  The Festival leader, Public Museum Public Program
Coordinator, Gina Bivins, gave us high praise.

Through this event, our Chinese community introduced our culture and our organization
to more west Michigan people AND we got to know a lot about other ethnic groups.
Through mutual understanding, we are going to live in a more harmonic world. CAWM
encourages more Chinese and non-Chinese people to take part in CAWM events, to
make our community life and our lives more colorful.

Thanks to all of you!
Matt Wang, CAWM Interim President
Chinese Spring New Year Party
02/09/08 in Grand Rapids