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Paintings as a Window onto Historical Events: The Chinese Revolution and the Chinese Cultural Revolution
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     Flower Season  w 50 x h 45 inch, oil and acrylic on wood panel
My Journey, w 78 x h 68 inch, oil on canvas
BILAN LIAO (廖碧籣畫舘)
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BiLan's paintings and stories are the source of a feature film that is in development, and
a documentary feature film that is currently in production.
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Going into Love Fair   w 24 x h 36 inch, oil on canvas
Meilin  w 20 x h 28 inch, oil on canvas
Daughter of the Sea, w 36 x h 24 inch, oil on  canvas                                                                                                                                                                 Bravely, w 18 x h 24 inch, oil on canvas                                                                    Classmate (details), w 30 x h 40 inch, oil on canvas
My America Dream, w 36 x h 24 inch, oil on canvas