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Abstract Painting
Professor: BiLanLiao

Project #1 Information:
The class will work on a series of paintings exploring painterly approaches using palette knife, graffito,
impasto, subtractive techniques, brush work and a variety of painting supports that utilize a range of
surface treatments.  Emphasis will be placed on the physicality and materiality of paint rather than
illusionism.  Painting materials will include oil, various painting mediums and extenders and the use of
encaustic techniques.  Composition, color texture will be the prime focus as well as the process of
abstraction.  The process of abstraction may involve the reduction of representational images to abstract
elements; the student may abstract from still life, landscape, figure, or other imagistic sources.  All
students will be asked to collect resource materials (photos, objects, on-site drawing, etc.) and generate

Formal Emphasis:
Color harmony, tonal balance, composition and design strategies and texture development

Palette knife - four different sizes from large to small, paint rags, brushes, sticks and rubber stumps for

Paint Quality:
A variety of painterly approaches from impasto to transparent glazes - main emphasis: layered rich

Various color strategies may be used: restrictive palette. earth tones, dominant hue, analogous colors,
dyads (complements), triads, tetrads, split-complements, double complements, warm-cool contract,
chromatic grays, etc.

Painting Surfaces:
½” MDF (medium density fiberboard) Students may also purchase circular format birch plywood panels

8” x 8”, 10” x 10”, 12” x 12”, 15” x 15”

Number of Paintings:  Sixteen panels

Two - Hide glue and chalk
Two - Sawdust and gesso
Two - Sand and gesso
Two - Canvases glued to panel
Two - Collage and gel medium on panel
Two - Gel and modeling paste on panel
Four - Unprimed panels for encaustic

Project Timetable:                              Group Critique:
(Link to Examples of  Kendall College Art Design Students' Work.)