My teaching philosophy is based on a traditional foundation; however, it includes various
aspects of a more contemporary approach to learning.  One of the hallmarks of an excellent
instructor is to recognize how to adjust to the different learning approaches of students.  My
teaching methodology has been to use as many different ways that I can in order to connect
with the various students, as well as to challenge them to learn as much as they can learn.

Teaching studio art is very different than teaching, say, science or mathematics, in that the
scientist and the mathematician usually have exact answers to problems, such as a number.  
However, teaching visual art relies very importantly on the instructor's wide subjective
knowledge in art and culture.  A good teacher also relies on teaching experience, strong
responsibility, and patience in educating and developing each individual student's natural
ability.  The effective teacher teaches step by step and leads students from a being
unknowledgeable in visual art to knowing the discipline well and being comfortable in the
visual art world.

My lectures combine traditional teaching techniques and advanced computer technologies. I
adopt different communication strategies to send messages to students so that they can better
prepare for the classes. For example, I use handouts, writing on chalkboards or white boards,
presentations, demonstrations, gallery and museum visits to communicate with my students.
Information about the class and school is very neatly presented in my handouts and syllabus.
Furthermore, handouts and references are available on my teaching website, and the school's
proprietary online course management software / web-based teaching and learning
environment (if the school offers such software, as many do).  I also like to show examples
of student works, historical and contemporary masterpieces during class so that students can
learn about a variety of artistic styles and techniques. In addition, Individual and group
critiques are frequently held in class.  I also encourage students to learn from their own
mistakes as I have learned from mine.  

Teaching is a passion of mine.  I love to inspire students with my years of experience and
knowledge in art. I am confident that I have been a good teacher and have the potential to be
even better.  I strive to help students to build a solid art foundation and inspire them in their
career paths.