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From canvas to book: BiLan Liao's story

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artist from China who believes in the American Dream and Freedom of
expression. Her paintings reflect her life spanning 5 generations and a tale
that can warm our hearts.
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The book "Diary of the Dragon's Daughter - Painting as a Window into Chinese History" is a unique work that explores a
tumultuous time in China’s history, and BiLan’s own resulting pursuit of the American dream. She grew up in China
during Mao Zedong’s “New China” era and, because her family was part of the educated class, they ha to endure extraordinary
humiliation, discrimination and imprisonment. They lived their lives under constant oppression, and in constant fear. She
chronicled these events through words and images in an attempt to reveal aspects of Chinese culture that are not typically
explored in historical  accounts, and to provide a view into one artist's heart and her struggle to find freedom.

The book includes three series of artwork. “Painting as a window into Chinese History” is about the five generations of women
in the author’s family who experienced discrimination, abuse, neglect and the death of her father told in 36 paintings,
photographs and sculptures. “Coming Into Tibet” is her attempt to capture the vastness of the landscapes and the beauty of the
Tibetan people as depicted in 12 paintings. The “Return” series is a compilation of seven paintings about the impact of war on
the women.

(Book size: 8.5"w x 11"h, 204  pages, and over 300 images with 60 color pages)

About the Author

BiLan Liao is a contemporary Chinese artist, and an Associate Professor at the Paducah School of Art & Design, Paducah,
Kentucky. She endured Mao's New China in a capitalist family with a passionate desire for freedom in America. While still in
China in 1999, she was granted a U.S. permanent residency visa under the “Alien of Extraordinary Abilities” category. At the
age of forty-five, she gave up an established career and the financial security she had gained as a successful artist in China.
Then she started as a child would, learning a new language and customs. During the 16 years she has lived in America, she has
earned a Master of Arts in painting from University of Indianapolis, Indiana, and a Master of Fine Arts in painting from Kendall
College of Art and Design, Grand Rapids, Michigan. She also studied art history and fresco painting in Italy. Since 2010 she has
owned the BiLan Liao Gallery where she now enjoys the freedom to paint what she feels and to tell her story.